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What are the Common Dryer Noises and Their Solutions?

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Dryers aren’t entirely silent. When they’re working, they produce some noises. However, excessive noise from your dryer can be hazardous. It’s not only annoying, but it’s also inconvenient to have a noisy dryer.

It’s unsettling to have a dryer that makes strange noises. This could indicate that something is amiss with your equipment or that a breakdown is on the way.

While most manufacturers provide troubleshooting instructions to their consumers, some problems may be beyond simple DIY. In order to repair your dryer and determine the source of the noise, you’ll need to look for kitchen appliances repair services.

Here are Some Common Dryer Noises and Ways to Resolve them:

  1. Grinding/Squealing Noises

The drum bearings or the drum slides may be the source of grinding or screaming noises from your dryer.


Firstly, open your dryer cabinet and look for worn-out drum bearings or drum glides. If you notice any signs of damage, you should change the bearing and glides as soon as possible, or the noises will continue.

You will require special tools to disassemble and reassemble your dryer cabinet. For safety concerns and to ensure that your dryer remains intact, you’ll need a technician for this task.

  1. Rumbling Noises

Rumbling sounds coming from your dryer indicate a broken blower wheel. Gas and electric dryers benefit from blower wheels because they provide ventilation.


Open the dryer vent to check for adequate airflow. If not, this indicates that there is a stumbling block. You’ll need a technician to examine your dryer for the issues and maybe a rapid repair or replacement.

  1. Thumping Noises

The sound of your dryer thudding signals a problem that you should address immediately to avoid the dryer becoming junk. The noise could be coming from the drive belt, drum rollers, or axels.


Open the dryer and look for any problems with the drive belt. You must replace it if it is broken or worn out. Ask a technician to replace the damaged axles and worn-out rollers.

  1. Rattling Noises

If you notice rattling noises coming from your dryer when drying your clothes, some parts may be worn out and require prompt repair or replacement.

Lifters are an element of a dryer that prevents clothes from clinging to the drum’s sides and tumbles and fluff it as it dries.


Remove any unwanted items from the lifters. Check to see that the blower wheel is securely installed in the housing and that no foreign objects are near it.

  1. Squeaking/Squealing Noises

The sound of your dryer squeaking or squealing suggests a problem. The noise could be coming from the dryer pulley, drum rollers, or drum bearing.


To keep the worn-out drum bearings from rubbing the back of the casing, you’ll need a specialist to replace them. If the drum rollers have worn out, they must be changed as well. The same is true for worn-out idler pulleys. The technician must remove the dryer cabinet, inspect the pulley, and repair it if it is damaged.

It’s critical to figure out what’s causing the strange dryer sounds. Once you learn it, you’ll know when to call for kitchen appliance repair services. The professionals will arrive and provide on-the-spot lasting repair or replacement solutions!

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