Tom Q. Vancouver


After a bad experience dealing with Maytag technicians, this company delivered and more. A repair issue with an older model Maytag washer was dealt with promptly and at reasonable charge. Zack Siddikov was the perfect tradesman, explaining what he was finding out and what he recommended be done. There was no pressure at any time and the warranty terms were good too. Great to find a handyman like Zack, will be in touch first off next time an appliance gives us problems.

Duncan Flugenhagen

Excellent service and for a great price.

Ken N. Maple Ridge


Sent an email in the morning, received a phone call just before lunch and Zack showed up to fix my dishwasher by 3. I tried using the online LG service but they weren’t available until next week.

Zack is a true professional and completed the work and then proceeded to check the everything over. He noticed something else was wrong with the dishwasher and took everything apart again to fix the second issue. I’ve run the dishwasher after Zack completed the repairs and its working like it’s brand new again.

After paying the bill, which was extremely reasonable, Zack mentioned he also does gas work, which is why I’ll be calling him next week to fix my outdoor gas fireplace!

Dennis V. Vancouver


So I’m absolutely ignorant as to what goes on in my washer/dryer. Surfed Craigslist and found a few guys. Tried one for “evaluation” and didn’t ask for further service (enough said). So happy I found Zack afterwards. Dispel any bad experiences you’ve had with other appliance repair services. Zack is an honest family man who’ll give you the lowdown up front and work the most rational and economical solution. I would’ve paid more than double the price if I went with the manufacturer’s service goons. Highly recommend Zack. Call him.

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